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Idea: new non-toxic cancer treatments

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Breast Cancer ... Prostate Cancer ... Lung Cancer ... Brain Tumor ...
Leukemia ... Melanoma ... Etc.

Recently, I received the following email from the director of a
holistic private cancer clinic in Oklahoma. Their treatment protocols
are designed and supervised by senior oncologists. However, these
therapies are not your standard toxic procedures, but brand new
treatment combinations, with astonishing results. No chemical poisons
are being used in them, yet their cancer killing efficacy is far beyond
anything standard treatments can offer.

Dear Gabe,
I just wanted you to know that we are getting outstanding results since
we began a cooperative collaboration with Dr. Tullio Simoncini (all
thanks to you.) One of our patients was fighting a "three headed
monster." He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer, recurrent stage 3
melanoma, and had a brain tumor which proved to be non-Hodgkins
lymphoma. (Mostly inoperable) The surgeons could not get all of it, and
it had placed enough pressure on his optic nerve that he could no
longer drive. After we treated this patient (with the suggested
protocol), for just the final third or six days of his 18 day
treatment, his PET scan results proved that two of those three
malignancies, the melanoma and the prostate cancer, had been totally
eradicated, and the third, the NH Lymphoma in the brain, was in
retreat, with 80% of it gone. We are continuing to treat him for
another two rounds of DMSO (18 days) only this time he will get the
full benefit of the added SB from the beginning. All of our other
patients are receiving the newly modified protocols too--will keep you
advised as the PET scans come back and we have solid proof. Warmest
regards, Maureen.
These results are being achieved with harmless, benign substances, with
no side effects, without hair loss, nausea, sore mouth, etc. The
treatment is simple, completely safe, and available right now, as we
speak. Copies of the clinical results will be made available to those
who wish to see them.
This protocol is only one example of the new integrative treatments
that very effectively eliminate cancer, including "incurable" ones.
These therapies were developed by mainstream scientists, and are being
offered in the United States by a number of fully licensed, board
certified medical doctors and oncologists.
If you have a cautious attitude towards new, integrative treatment
protocols, that is the sign of healthy skepticism. However, some
skepticism is also advisable concerning standard chemotherapy and
radiation treatments. When the cancer patient's chances for survival
are statistically at a catastrophic level, and the treatment itself
causes as much damage as the disease itself, it is time for some sober
In order to survive one's encounter with cancer, some myths and some
facts deserve a closer look.
(Before we go any further, I wish to make something clear. There is a
fee for accessing the reports on this web site. However, for those who
cannot afford to pay - and there are many of them - the information is
available for the asking, completely free of charge.)

* Myth: At the present time, high-dose chemotherapy is the best
treatment available for cancer patients.
* Fact: According to the international medical research community,
including the best medical experts in the USA, high-dose,
non-targeted chemotherapy is an obsolete, barbaric and harmful
treatment that should be declared illegal. There exist targeted,
non-toxic chemotherapeutic and other procedures that do not harm
healthy cells, and do not cause side effects. They are being
practiced now, as we speak, by fully licensed, board certified
medical doctors in the United States, with excellent results.
* Myth: The standard protocol, based on chemotherapy and radiation,
produces much better results today than it did 30-40 years ago.
* Fact: According to national and global statistics, this is not
true. The long-range survival of cancer patients has not advanced
in any clinically observable way, except in the case of a few very
rare cancers. The majority of the public regards a cancer diagnosis
as equivalent to a delayed death sentence.
* Myth: 5-year survival of a cancer patient is a success. The
recurrence of cancer, once the treatment is finished, is not
* Fact: According to progressive, integrative oncologists, 5-year
survival of a cancer, instead of a long-term cure, is a miserable
failure, and medically unacceptable. The recurrence of cancer is
completely preventable.
* Myth: All cancer treatments that are claimed to work better than
the standard protocol are based on hearsay, spread by people with
inadequate scientific training, or by quacks and charlatans.
* Fact: All the treatments, described in our reports, are the results
of meticulous, exhaustive clinical trials and documented research.
Their therapeutic effects, far from being hearsay, are on record in
research institutions and in hospitals. Some of the treatments were
developed decades ago, and were suppressed ever since by the
medical authorities. They are all supported by scientific evidence,
and are being practiced by highly reputable medical professionals.
Some other methods are completely new, and they are producing
nearly miraculous results.

Did you know that there are presently 42 clinics in the USA - and the
number is growing - where medical doctors and senior oncologists offer
non-toxic chemotherapies? Also, cancer treatments are practiced by
holistic medical doctors and board certified naturopathic oncologists
using natural medications that are more effective than any chemical
poison used by standard cancer treatments (see the letter at the top of
this page). The days are over when cancer patients had to travel to
Mexico and to other foreign countries in search for effective and
humane treatments.
There are more than 30 reports on this website, describing
evidence-based integrative cancer treatments and cancer-related
scientific discoveries. Having discussed them with the physicians who
are using them in their practice, and based upon their recommendations,
a special page has been created where different combinations of these
protocols are presented to the cancer patient. The title of the page
is, Treatment Combinations. The information on that page is not to be
regarded as medical advice, but as educational presentation of
available treatments.
Please note: The owner and author of this website is not financially or
commercially involved with any of the physicians, clinics or vendors
listed on these pages. In other words, no commission of any kind is
paid to me by anyone listed.
Thank you for your interest in this website. I wish you strength and
courage in your healing effort.
Gabe Bartha

The information on this web site is presented for educational and
informational purposes only. In no way should it be used as a
substitute for the advice and care of a licensed medical professional.

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Gabe Bartha 2007. All rights reserved
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